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1k_bwc's Journal

1000 Blank White Cards
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1000 Blank White Cards
1000 Blank White Cards is a party game played with cards in which the deck is created as part of the game. It can be played by any number of players and provides the opportunity for card creation and in fact actual gameplay outside the scope of a single sitting. Creating new cards during the game, dealing with previous cards' effects, is allowed, and creativity is encouraged as the most important part.

- from the wikipedia article on 1000 Blank White Cards

also view this site and the galleries for an idea of different cards to make

i recently found out about this game and i thought it would be fun to try it online. the rules are simple - each entry must contain 1 card. if you want to comment on the card laid, by all means go ahead. if you want to play a card against the card posted, post the new card in the comments. if you want to play a new card, just make a new entry.

rules -

1) don't make your cards too big
2) lj-cuts aren't necessary
3) no snark

let's give it a try!

mod = deaddoloreshaze